Checklist to look for in your temporary accommodation

Checklist to look for in your temporary accommodation

We, in Australia, are often required to travel - in and around the country or even abroad. While our work and profession might require us to travel, sometimes, we also do so to enrich ourselves with new experiences. Visiting new places, meeting new people, getting acquainted with different cultures, a different air altogether - work as a tonic in recharging and boosting our energy.

Travel requires us to look for a temporary accommodation. While some amenities are not so important, few are absolutely required at the place that houses you for a while. For example, clean drinking water through a water purifier is a must. Not much, but yet important is a hot water system and a heater, if you are travelling to a cooler place or environment. If you would be preparing your own meal, kitchen would also be an important aspect to consider. It should be well-equipped with appliances and utensils that you would need to cook with, including a rice cooker, tea / coffee maker or a nespresso, juicer mixer, pan, plates, mug, and microwave oven. Having other appliances like ice cream maker, food dehydrator, vacuum sealer, air fryer, george foreman grill, etc. would be a big plus!

Most accommodations do not have a daily clean-up, unless you are putting up at a hotel. In such scenarios, it is better to check in advance with the provider if cleaning equipment like a handheld vacuum or a dyson cleaner is available. These might come handy for quick brush around the house periodically, so that you don't breathe dust while being there.

Another important aspect to consider is the transportation, if you are not travelling by your private vehicle. The accessibility of your location from the populated areas and availability of public transport would also play key roles during your stay.

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